Slp Assignment 4

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SLP Assignment

Module 4

MGT501: Mgmt. and Org. Behavior

The purpose of the McGinty Moss assessment and the Denison Organizational Culture Survey is to get a better look at your specific organizational culture. These surveys provide a measure of an organization’s progress toward achieving a high-performance culture and optimal results. I believe that the results of this survey match the culture of my organization. evaluation of organizational culture is helpful in determining the competence or appeal of the culture within the organization opening up possibilities of improvement The McGinty/Moss test revealed the numbers with the most “true” answers were from numbers 11-15 These results indicate that the organization has an Urgent/Seat of the Pants culture. I was not surprised that the results stated indicated this type pf culture because it is one that is normally associated with a military unit The Denison Culture Inventory revealed that the culture within the organization I work for is mission oriented with into the overall culture of the organization. Nevertheless, the good thing about the evaluation 19 percent, of all the goals and objectives within the organization are made known to all its members. I believe that the results of this test could vary based upon the time which an organization answered the questions..

The assessment was not as in-depth as tests for organizational culture. The questions were somewhat inadequate, and did not really dive is that the organization will gain new ideas on how it will be able to change its culture for the better.

True/False Questions

1. I know how my projects contribute to the success or failure of our organization. True

2. Management here makes lots of announcements to employees. True

3. I have colleagues from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds. False

4. In this organization, people who are not ready to be promoted after a certain length of time at their level are generally...