Interclean Performance and Career Management Plan

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InterClean Performance and Career Management Report

Executive Summary

With the implementation of our new strategy, it is important that we maximize the performance of our employees and ensure that each of their career paths is aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. A sound performance and career management plan is an integral part of our employees’ growth and development. Individual and team performance drive our success as a company. This helps us achieve our vision, to be the best in our industry at providing full-range cleaning service packages to our clientele.

My report discusses the following aspects of the plan: feedback given to each employee, how each employee can reach a higher level of performance, opportunities for advancement, flexible opportunities for dual career parents, team’s diversity, and the expected benefits and costs.

Excellent summary! This provides enough information so that I know what it is you will cover in the report.


This report will inform the reader of InterClean’s Performance and Career Management Plan. With the creation of the company’s new sales team, it is important that we maximize the team and each individual’s performance. It is equally essential that we manage their career paths so that we cultivate the company’s future leaders. I believe that our performance and career management plan achieves these goals, and provides our personnel an opportunity to develop and grow within the company.


Feedback is given to each employee using the 360-degree method. One advantage is that it takes into account multiple perspectives on an individual’s performance. It uses inputs from managers, subordinates, peers, and customers. Cascio indicates that by including observations from different perspectives and aspects of performance, we capture the complexities of an employee’s performance in various roles (Cascio, 2005). Discrepancies between self-ratings and ratings received...