Strategic Management Slp 2 Mod 2

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Strategic Management Process

Strategic Management Module 2 SLP 2

Step One:

Manta is a business information portal that will enable business researchers to find valuable information about different businesses and organizations. Manta has more than 64 million businesses and organizations listed in its data base. Business owners and sales professionals use Manta's database and custom search capabilities to quickly find companies and to supply valuable information to business analysts.

NAICS Codes of any business:

Step Two:

Porter’s Five Forces


New Entrants Publication: Strategic Direction Magazine, Bradford

Publication: Business World

Substitute Products Publication: Marketing and Research Today

Publication: The Nielson Researcher

Buyer Power

Publication: Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade

Supplier Power Publication: M2 Presswire

Publication: Business Wire

The sites listed above gives researchers valuable information about how strong a company’s stance may be compared to the competition. These sites reach detail information points that will accurately break down the Porter’s Five Forces analytical function and it gives you a view of each function operating in a given company to help build reports for analyzing. Nasdaq will give an arial view of market activity to help evaluate how the company is operating within its market and Hoover will give detail information about partners, prospects, or competition or even identify and locate the key leaders within an organization to build business relationships.

Step Three:


Political Factors Publication: Economic Week

Economic Factors...