Best Snack Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Best Snacks Inc.

Shane Lomelin


October 18, 2010

William Gillis

Problem Solution: Best Snacks Inc.

In today’s global economy the pace of competition and change has accelerated. Organizations of all types need employees that can think in new ways so the organization can sustain its performance and continue to grow. Thinking in new ways is also known as creativity and innovation. Creativity is taking ideas beyond the normal boundaries and innovation is using the available skills and resources to create new product and service offerings, process technologies, and enabling technologies (Davila, 2006, pp 35). The process of managing creativity and innovation can improve the organizational effectiveness because “all innovation begins with creative ideas” (Jones, 2004, pp 409). Successful organizations make creativity and innovation a normal part of their culture and their daily operations. To make this happen, an organization must provide support for training employees in creativity and innovation.  

Best Snacks Inc. must implement organizational strategies that support innovation and the development of new products and services as well as implement a program designed to increase its employees’ creative thinking skills.   Additionally, Best Snacks Inc. should also make changes to its management systems. The new system that Best Snacks Inc. should select should support its business and innovation strategies.

In this paper I will describe the issues Best Snacks Inc. is facing as well as its opportunities to implement a creative and innovative environment that will enable the company to regain its industry leader status, increase sales, and to reverse its downward trending stock price.   It will then discuss the stakeholders, dilemmas, benchmarking, alternatives, and, finally, the recommended course of action that Best Snacks Inc. should take to meet its strategic goals.

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