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Discuss the skills and knowledge an event manager should have

Event management is playing an increasing essential role in modern economic society, there has been a dramatic growth in event industry over the recent decades and it is considered to be one of the fastest and the most glamorous upcoming professions.

According to a research done and submitted by leaders in the Special Events Industry Columbia University’s Biosphere 2 (1998), event industry is one of the world’s largest employers and contributes major positive economic impact. By the 21st century, event management has moved from birth to growth to maturity and become an emerging profession. In other words, event management is a flourishing industry classified as a growth occupation. However, it is widely accepted that a series of knowledge and skills are required to become a professional in event management.

The essence of event management is the processes that transform inputs into certain outcomes. Inputs indicate all those things invested in produce the event, such as time, money, facilities and human resources while outcomes mean the certain effect created

by organizing an event, for example economic and social benefits. Therefore, the main task of event managers is to allocate and utilize the resources properly in order to produce certain outcomes. Time, money and human resources are two most important resources when organizing an event,

Goldblatt(1997) states that the most crucial resource in event planning is time. Usually, event managers may have a busy schedule,following is a schedule of an event operations manager for a concert hall:

Wednesday : Rock Concert featuring Green Day

Thursday : Children’s Christmas Choir Concert

Friday : Staff Christmas function

Saturday : Peter Kay comedy performance

Sunday :Get in for seasonal show

There is a variety of events over a five day period. Time management may become the key to ensure all the events...