Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan

Human Capital Management

November 29, 2010

When developing a sales compensation plan, development cannot be careless because this will not create an environment of properly motivated and compensated workforce. IntreClean like many organizations find that ill defined, confusing and generally inappropriate sales compensation structures are ineffective.

By providing a strong employee benefits plan as an essential part of a team members compensation plan. Team members gain by having easy and inexpensive access to important insurance coverage and developing a way to fund their retirement. The benefit of having satisfied team members creates more productive workforce resulting in fewer turnovers.

In relation recruitment and retention is a strong benefits program combined with an attractive salary help attract talented employees. However, if existing team members are content with features of the benefits plan, like low-cost health insurance, team members are more loyal to stay with the business.

Reduction of cost will give team members benefits are cheaper through the business compared to purchasing them individually. For example group health insurance, is less expensive than purchasing an individual policy from a private carrier. The ability to benefit from able to write off the cost of many benefits as a business expense on their tax returns.

The availability of options offers several choices of benefits. Such as the offering of three or four different health plans with a variety of deductibles or offer life insurance with option of several types of coverage. This allows the opportunity to customize benefits package to meet their specific needs.

The convenience of company assistance assists in handling the majority of the administrative work, which can save the time from having to immersed in paperwork and bureaucracy. Also, employees have the ease of contacting human resources or plan administrator for assistance for...