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The Coca-Cola Company Jobs and Design of Work

Frank Cordero

Principles of Organizational Behavior

Professor Denise Frevert

23 November 2010

Strayer University

The Coca-Cola Company Jobs and Design of Work

Coca-Cola is a Brand known throughout the world. Originally, Coca-Cola commonly referred to simple as Coke, intended to be a patient medicine. A man named John Pemberton invented this soft drink in the late 19th century. Then Asa Griggs Candler a visionary businessperson bought the Coca-Cola franchise and with his marketing skills and tactics enabled Coke to be one of the dominant soft drinks in the world. This tradition has carried on throughout the 20th century and now in the 21st century it has not slowed down. This product sold in millions of stores, restaurants, and vending machines.

What makes this company the hallmark of soft drinks worldwide is the fact that this company has a scientific management approach in their design of work. This particular approach is based from Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915) in 1911 he wrote the book “Principles of Scientific Management” laying down the principles for large-scale manufacturing. By rationalizing and standardizing work through division of labor. (Dictionary) Coca-Cola ensures that they hire competent employees; they also maintain a very progressive training capability, which gives them the tools to succeed. In return, these employees are motivated and confident. Another fact is that Coca-Cola also rewards their employees with financial incentives, which helps in maintaining motivation. In addition, Coca-Cola focuses on the environment; they realize that clean water is the most important ingredient in their soft drink. They understand also those customers around the world touch the aluminum, steel, and glass that hold the product, to the volume of 1.5 billion servings a day, and eventually they focus and plan for recycling (Jeff Seabright, 2006 ). No small tasks coordinating all...