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ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter

Amanda Wilson


August 30, 2010

Karen K. Hutchins

ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter

Many universities require students to work in Learning Teams to complete assignments. In some instances, issues do arise in Learning Teams, which need to be addressed. One way to deal with these issues is to develop an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause, which can be used to resolve disagreements or disputes among the members of the Learning Team. An ADR clause, which can be used to address these issues among Learning Team members, is provided below.

ADR Clause

In the case that a dispute or disagreement occurs among Learning Team members who defies the terms of the Learning Team Charter or any issues, which prove to be harmful to the Learning Team, negotiation will be implemented to reach a fair and impartial resolution agreeable by all parties. The breach of the Learning Team charter includes all cases of plagiarism, individuals not completing assignments, all instances of social loafing, lack of communication and respect, and completing assignments late without good reason. Negotiation is voluntary and used by the parties to resolve the issue on their own before other action is taken (Cheeseman, 2010). In the event that negotiation is unsuccessful, a conciliator will be appointed to assist in resolving the issue. The conciliator will either be a Learning Team member not involved in the dispute or the instructor of the course.


An ADR clause is used to bring disputes or issues to an end without resorting to traditional litigation. Students working in Learning Teams may find the need to use ADR deal with an issue. Negotiation and the use of a conciliator are two good choices of ADRs for Learning Teams to use to resolve disagreements or disputes.


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