Adr Clause for Learning Team Charter

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Running head: ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter

ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter

Calvin Glenn

LAW 531

University of Phoenix

Mark A. Reed, M.A., J.D., Instructor

November 28, 2010

In the Learning Team, an Alternative Dispute Resolution clause, or ADR, will be used to guideline a dispute into a solution among all parties involved. One form of an ADR that will be used is mediation. Mediation is a form of negotiation, which is also a type of ADR. A dispute that involves two or more parties in the Learning Team will involve a mediator to help settle a dispute. A mediator cannot make a decision for each party in a dispute and is a neutral party with expertise in the area of the dispute.

The situations that would require an ADR clause to be reviewed would consist of the workload of each member, punctuality, communication, and project objectives. The guidelines in the clause are subject to review by the mediator of the dispute. Specific instances of a required review would stem from 4 main situations.

Each team member is required to submit the amount of workload due in their own instance as part of a learning team. If a grade is given for a team member who did not contribute their promised portion, then they are subject to review. If a team member does not communicate about their workload to team leader or other members and a miscommunication occurs, then a review is subject. Within the communication barrier, time is important to each member to be able to share ideas inside an assignment’s due date. In addition, completing project objectives in a clear and timely manner so all parts can be compiled is important for project flow. Utilizing teamwork is the ultimate rule in order to steer clear from team disputes.

The disputes that may occur in a Learning Team could result from a disagreement from a team project, tone of communication used between one or more members of the team, and lack of participation from a...