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Dr. Diane M. Medeiros, Ph. D.

There is no doubt that the deaths of the 35 elderly were a tragedy. Should the Mangano’s have been convicted of negligent homicide? There were several report that contradicted with each other, some publicize that the Mangano’s left town others said that they remained in the nursing home. In either case, I personally and strongly believe that they should have been convicted. It is hard to believe, that when you trust a nursing home in the caring of your elderly ones, that in a case of natural disaster they would leave them behind, or even refuse to evacuate after all of the warnings issued to the entire gulf coast area in the days leading up to Katrina, and then even the weekend prior to the initial hit, you have to wonder, as responsible nursing home owners, why they would even consider not evacuating. Katrina has been a reality check in many industries and for many people, as well as government on all levels.

I still cannot believe how the jury acquitted the Mangano’s of all charges. It still amazes me how easy it is to persuade and manipulate a court system in this country, even after the Louisiana Governor, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, took the stand. Originally, the prosecution was not planning in calling the Governor to the stand; in fact, they fought to keep her off the stand. But lose the fight and the prosecution had no alternative, and I think, after all bringing such a huge political figure to testify would beat the defense to the punch, and it makes me wonder, what are they feeding the jurors with, Dog food?. The Mangano’s lawyers argued that the government was largely responsible for the deaths of the nursing home, it is true that the levees played a major role in this catastrophe, but is also true that the fire department offer them school buses to evacuate the nursing home residents and yet the Mangano’s still refused to evacuate. The Mangano’s had no...