Ldr 531 Implementing a Leadership Change

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Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

University Of Phoenix

LDR 531

January 17, 2011

Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

A leadership change for the Bio-Technology company Gene One is not an option. The death of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Don Ruiz could affect the success of the Initial Public Offering and will affect organizational leadership structure. The siblings of the late Don Ruiz have inherited the task of deciding and implementing the leadership changes for a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). The change process for the Gene One leadership team is divided into three stages; unfreezing, changing, and refreezing.

Background Information

Don Ruiz was the creative force behind Gene One and he invested heavily in the company. Right before his death, Don and his Board devised a clear strategy for the successful IPO launch. However, Don never formally introduced his strategic plan for the leadership team of Gene One. He did however; solicit opinions from his leadership team and executive board members. He received mixed opinions about his current leadership team’s ability and interest in successfully launching an IPO.

Gene One is a remarkable company. In eight years the company has gone from a $2 million start-up to a thriving $400 million company. The right leadership team in place and the commitment to innovation in Bio-technology will propel Gene One as an emerging leader in the Bio-technology industry. Gene One created the breakthrough technology that eliminates the need for unnatural pesticides. Don Ruiz, the CEO, recognized that the market interest for biotechnology firms was increasing. Don and the board decided to develop a strategy to take the company public. An Initial Public Offering, if successful would increase the growth of Gene One an estimated 40%. The growth would provide Gene One the capital to fund new product development and marketing. The IPO has an aggressive 36-month maximum deadline...