Mental Health Case Study

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Case Study


Jennifer Rother

October 17,210

Mental illness is the psychological state of someone’s emotional and successful adaptation to a range of demands. The recognition and understanding of mental- health disorders has changes significantly over time and across many cultures. Many do not believe that mental health can be clearly defined as a physical illness however many say it is. I however do not believe that mental illness can be cured. I believe it can only be treated and managed if managed correctly with therapy and medication. With today’s technology there are many way’s to help and band aide mental health, but not cure. Mental disorders are quite common, with many mental health professionals saying many meet the criteria at some point in their life as having some form of a mental-health disorder. The patient could have anything from depression, eating disorder, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), or Schizophrenia.

Mental health professionals diagnose individuals using different methods, but mainly relying on talking with the patient and finding out their history. As we progress the concept of deinstitutionalization has increased in providing services to the mentally ill. It is a long-term trend where fewer individuals are being admitted to mental hospitals, and more outpatient services are being provided. Mental hospitals are said to in humanize patient’s there-for many patients are opting for therapy and are only being admitted to mental-health hospitals at their own will.

In the past patients were institutionalized, because they were thought to be non-functional in society. They were unable to provide their basic needs for themselves. Today less people are institutionalized and more are deinstitutionalized with many services provided as outpatient sources. I don’t believe this to always be effective. Due to deinstitutionalization there has been an increase of...