Conservation and Preservation

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Checkpoint: Conservation and Preservation

The difference between conservation and preservation is that conservation is using our natural resources and protecting them in the process. Preservation is protecting or keeping something safe from injury, destruction, or decay as examples. I think that humans can harvest forest resources in an environmentally friendly way and leaving the resources in their natural state because per the Bridger Teton Video, the government had made it clear that America will have an energy resource shortage over the next two decades, which will compromise our way of life and compromise our national security. That is why the park is also being set up for Management Area 71 oil and gas leasing. I am inclined towards conservation because I believe in the freedom from foreign oil so that our costs for gas prices are lowered, therefore giving us a better quality of life. I do understand what the gentlemen said in the video about that he is for gas and oil exploration but doesn’t want the land paved with roads, destroying what once was(and still is) a natural beauty. As our resources dwindle more and more, we will need to consider leasing our own public lands to drill for oil and gas. I also believe in preservation because we can still use part of our public land for energy resources, not all of it to maintain some of the beauty of our natural parks for future generations to come. This idea will probably not be agreed upon all people, but it could be a goal to be compromised upon in years to come.