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Roller Coaster = Love

Remember when you first had a ride in a roller coaster? Well of course, you anticipate for a great ride. Oftentimes, you ought to be strong and you even wonder why people riding kept on screaming. Perhaps you may have thought that it would be scary, but not as much as you thought that it would be awesome. And admit it or not, you try to pledge that you won’t scream just like the way the other persons, who were as tough as you thought you are, do.

So, the earlier ride has come to an end. You see the people breathing so hard and some almost cried. You think they’re overreacting. But deep inside, you get a little nervous. As you enter that gate for your turn, your heart beats faster. But then, you still pretend to be strong.

Now the ride begins. In the beginning, the ride seems to be just an ordinary bus ride. Slowly, it ascends until it reaches the peak, where the real surprise begins. The twists and turns suddenly make you frenzied. Unfortunately, your expectations didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to be. You scream as much as you want not to. You scream as loud as you can hoping that it would immediately stop, as if it would really stop. Now I ask you, who’s the tough person now huh?

Love, as they say, is the same with such highly-anticipated ride. At first, you look forward only to the best relationship. You ought to think that you both would be perfectly happy. Troubles come, sadness rises, anger strikes, and most of all, people change. Now, you figure out that you are wrong. You tend to think that you are the loneliest person in the whole wide world.

Just as you think that you are alone and miserable, try going back to your very first roller coaster ride. Your fears, your screams, though you think you scream the loudest, are nothing compared to the cries made by other people with you. When you think you are the most doomed person ever, try to look in front of you, behind you, or just beside you. You are not alone.

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