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Distinctive Characteristics of Service Operations

As most of us know, services differ from goods and are also intangible. The characteristics of service can make or break the finalization of a sale. It is crucial to understand each characteristic of service operations in order to successfully utilize managerial practices. When I think of the characteristics of service operations, I think of the experience I had when buying my car from Texas Direct Auto. Unfortunately, my previous car caught on fire and was totaled so I was in search of the perfect vehicle. I had looked at quite a few dealerships but the quality and level of service I had received was horrible to say the least. I decided to go to Texas Direct Auto and from the moment I was greeted at the door, I could tell this was going to be a positive experience. Proximity to the Customer was the first characteristic that I encountered, not only geographically but also physically. The salesman that I had spoken to previously on the phone greeted me promptly, shook my hand, and took me right to my vehicle. The second characteristic that I noticed was Services Cannot be Inventoried. After the salesman approached me, he immediately had my vehicle waiting and kindly showed me to the check in counter, helped me register, and then gave me the option of taking my car for a test drive alone. This was something that the other dealerships did not offer. I did not have to wait in line and I did not waste anytime waiting for service, which was greatly appreciated. After I had returned from my test-drive, I knew I had found my new car and I was ready to move on to the paperwork. This is where Simultaneous Production and Consumption would come into play. My salesman escorted me to the financing department where they immediately set me up with convenient financing. I was simultaneously able to give them my down payment and sign the paperwork in less than twenty minutes. Service had exceeded my expectations and I was very...