The Importance of Following Orders

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There is no lack of reasons for which a soldier should follow the lawful orders given to them by anyone in command over them. Not a single one of these reasons is any less important than the other. An order could best be defined as any task given to a soldier and should always be done in a timely and efficient manner. Among the reasons why a soldier should always follow the orders they are given the three most pertinent would be combat effectiveness, discipline, and, to be put simply, because it is part of our proffession as soldiers. In the event a soldier does not follow any orders given to them it negatively impacts not only themselves but also the team as well as the goals of the mission. And as mission objectives are lost this can ultimatley lead to defeat on the battle field.

When a soldier doesn't follow orders in times of combat, this then makes them ineffective in combat. It only takes a single soldier in a unit who is combat ineffective to slow down or even halt the progress of of a misssion by putting extra burden on the leadership, who must then deal with that soldier. As an example, say an NCO gives orders to a lower enlisted to prepare supplies or transport for a mission in an oddly specific way. And this NCO is being real critical of the finer details. The reason for such specifics and attention to detail maybe unforseen to the soldier, but the NCO has his reason. That rank generally means they been in much longer, and have seen a great deal more than the soldier has. Let's say this soldier doesn't follow these orders to standard, then, during the mission, he finds the reason he had to tie those straps up is so he doesnt get hung up in a humvee that is taking enemy fire because his straps are caught in the door. Now the squad has to put themselves at risk to save a battle who didn't follow orders. However, when a soldier executes all orders in a military manner, they tremdously help with the effectivness of the unit, even if they aren't...