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“All financial decisions and activities of an individual, this could include budgeting, insurance, savings, investing, debt servicing, mortgages and more (Personal Finance, Investopedia).”

There are various ways of managing personal finance. It may be managed by obtaining services of finance professionals or by using web and software for planning budgets and retirement plans.

Websites could be a very useful source of gaining information and planning on personal finances. In today’s fast moving world, business environment changes rapidly hence the decisions made for financing need to be flexible and according to the current developments.

Weblogs provide the latest articles and analysis of most recent changes in the financial markets on the basis of which effective decisions regarding investment, savings, and retirement planning and budgeting could be made. Article by Eric Carter titled “6 Very Risky Investment Mistakes Warren Buffett Says You May Be Making (Carter, 2015)” on Forbes website is a classic example of how such contributions can significantly influence the financial planning of the individual.

Weblogs are also the source of providing information on the changes in the government policies and laws with respect to economy and corporate environment. Since these changes affect the consumer’s decision in his financial planning, they are of utmost importance. Additionally, latest trends and changes in the price of the financial assets and the new schemes, services and products by financial institutions are also regularly updated on weblogs on daily basis and provide an opportunity to consumer to obtain advantage from them.

Although the weblogs are used as a source of obtaining information on personal finance, they could be really risky on the other hand. Often the information provided on the web is not by appropriate author or the author is anonymous. This raises the...