Challenges in Test Project Management

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Test Project Management – Opening a Black Box

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Background / Objective:

While the end of any project management, which is to provide high quality deliverables while meeting tight schedules and holding down costs, is same, but there are some fundamental changes in emphasis that reflect the different nature of management. This paper provides the approach to answering those differences? This paper helps the managers to deliver the project on time, within budget and to the requirements needed, by understanding the differences between the way of software projects and those of other types of project management.


1 Introduction: What is project management 5

2 How the project management differs 6

2.1 Why Is SW Project Management So Difficult? 6

3 Why the project management techniques are changing so fast 8

3.1 Technology-driven reasons 8

3.2 Environmentally driven reasons include: 8

4 Why we need to manage a project: what is the role of a PM in managing a project 10

5 How the Test Project Management is different from SW Development Project 12

6 Conclusion 13

7 References 14