Cloud Computing Technology Alert

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Grant, K. (2011, January 6). What Cloud Computing Means To You. In Wall Street Journal. Retrieved January 18, 2011, from

In relation to our recent studies regarding cloud computing, the technology behind web-based services that store digital files, I thought you might be interested in the aforementioned article. Cloud computing, as mentioned in the textbook, is "difficult to define; managers and techies use the term cloud computing to describe computing services provided over a network, most often commercial services provided over the Internet by a third party that can replace or offload tasks that would otherwise run on a user or organization's existing hardware or software" (Gallaugher, Ch10, web). This article simply defines cloud computing as the technology behind web-based services that store digital files remotely- from videos and songs to books and personal photos- allowing users access from multiple devices through browsers or downloadable apps. The main point of the column entails what cloud computing means to consumers.

Recent innovations in cloud computing have captivated crowds at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, creating visions of music files available anywhere, anytime, movie-sharing among friends, and never again losing hundreds of downloaded media content along with a lost laptop. Hard drives, along with CD binders, bookshelves, and DVD collections, need to be added to the list of defunct media storage devices. As more and more companies are allowing people to use the web to store videos, photos, music, and pretty much any other media, consumers are starting to see savings on everything from MP3 players to product warranties.

The article mentions how the introduction of mass cloud computing can save lots of money for consumers. Those who use on-demand or streaming media services (such as TiVo, Amazon, iTunes)...