Critical Crap

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Changing the Critical Thought Process One Mistake at a Time


Changing the Thought Process One Mistake at a Time

Every individual has his or her own way of observing the outside world. People are constantly being bombarded with information from the external environment only to need to organize and sift through all of that information to determine what is to be considered important information and what is to be disregarded as a waste of space. Sometimes information that is pushed to the side as being unimportant is done so on purpose in an effort to not change one’s interpretation of what he or she perceives as being reality.

One life experience in which I had selectively chosen information to formulate my own reality of a given situation was when I was 19 years old. My first boyfriend and I had a less-than perfect relationship, but being that I was fairly young and this was my first love I was unwilling to admit defeat. This guy was supposed to be perfect for me. We had lived together for about a year, and during that time there were obvious signs of his actions, and my friend always told me to open my eyes about the entire situation. It was not until I had caught him with a girl who I had assumed was just an innocent friend of ours that I had allowed myself to understand and view reality for what it was.

Accepting that my boyfriend was being untrue was not an event that would have likely occurred soon unless it was something that I had witnessed myself. I defended him against friends who had repeatedly warned me about his behaviors when I am not around. I just assumed that they were jealous of whatever it was I thought I had at the time, and shrugged off suggestions of his infidelity as being nothing more than made up gossip.

One day I had come home early from work and caught him with another girl. This girl was a person that was considered to be a friend. It was not until this moment when I had let myself see the world around me for what it...