Management Information System

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Human Resource Information System

Personnel functions used to be performed by lower level managers. Nomenclature of the department carrying these functions used to be labour relations, industrial relations, staff management, etc. Such a department used to perform routine types of functions.

Human resource management is concerned with competing for and competing on human resources. Competing for human resources involves recruiting and employing right personnel and competing on human resources involves developing, retaining, and integrating personnel to achieve competitive advantage. Human resource of an organization represents the total of the inherent abilities, acquired knowledge, and skills as exemplified in the talents and aptitudes of its employees. The basic objective of human resource management is to ensure that right people are available at right time and at right place.

Models of Human Resource Information Systems

A human resource information system is an organized method of providing information about human resource, their functioning, and external factors relevant to managing human resources. The basic objective of HRIS is to provide accurate, relevant, and timely information about human resources, their functioning, and relevant environment.

Input subsystems of a HIRS consist of hr research subsystems and hr intelligence subsystem. HR research subsystems gather data about various aspects of human resource management, such as job analysis, job evaluation, employee morale, employee absenteeism, employee turnover, etc. HR intelligence subsystems gather human resource information from external environment, both formally and informally. Output systems of a HIRS consist of five subsystems. HR acquisition subsystems involve HR planning, recruitment, selection and placement. HR development subsystems consist of operative training, management development and organization development. Appraisal and compensation subsystems include performance...