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Upon deciding on a topic for my Final paper, I decided on writing about “Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house.” My point of view will explain why I believe that renting an apartment is better than wasting money on buying a house. I will explain how this would benefit people might not have enough credit to buy a house. My paper will show individuals much of a hassle it is to buy a house rather than buying a house. I will go into detail to explain what all is necessary in order to buy a house. I would like my audience to know the pros and cons of renting an apartment and buying a house. I like for them to know in detail what happens in each process.

What I plan to accomplish in my paper, is to explain how much money would be saved if an individual were to rent an apartment rather than buy a house. When renting an apartment depending on your lease you might not have to stay for a whole year. When buying a house you must have a mortgage that last for a long time plus you must live in the house for at least a year. When you are renting an apartment, you do not have to worry about the hidden costs associated buying a home. People do not take into consideration the cost of maintaining a home versus an apartment. When something breaks in your apartment you can call the property manager and the cost is free to repair. However, when you are buying a house you must either fix whatever may be broken or you must find a repairman and pay him yourself. The benefits of renting instead of buying are that you can go from place to place to figure out what area you would like your house that you purchase to be in. Another benefit of renting instead of buying is that your monthly payments will be lower because, you will not have to pay for taxes on the property.