Human Resource Management

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Lakjaya Insurance is a group health insurance organization. Psychology degree holder, Mr. Suresh Jayasinghe took a job as an executive there. Although poor HR practices in Lakjaya Insurance are made many problems to Suresh’s job. In this case could be identified the issues regarding poor HR practices of Lakjaya Insurance.

In the management process of Lakjaya Insurance, couldn’t achieve their goals and objectives successfully. The reason is, they don’t have identified the important of their human resource and they don’t handle a proper Human Resource Planning process.

Lack of proper Human Resource Planning process made number of problems in there.

The purpose of this case study is, identify those problems and give solutions to Mr. Suresh and Mr. Edirisinghe.

(1) Clearly set out in order of importance the issues in this case.


Poor Staffing

Unclear Organizational Structure

Lack of Disciplinary Procedure

Poor Employer Employee Relations

Poor Communication

Lack of Grievance Handling

1. No HR Planning process

HR Planning is the foundation of Human Resource Management process. I t is the process of determining future HR needs in relation to the organizational strategic plan. It is necessary to achieve those needs.

* Forecasting future Manpower needs

* Assessing current Manpower supply

* HR action

Forecasting future Manpower needs

Assessing current Manpower supply

HR action

_ - = =

In the first it should be identified organizational manpower need and then should be plan conduct Recruitment & Selection programme to fill those needs.

Lakjaya Insurance doesn’t have such a better HR Planning process.

2. Poor Staffing process

‘Staffing can be defined simply in the terms of finding the right aspirant/candidate and fitting him/her in the right job.” As the result of lack of HR Planning process, the Staffing process of...