Goals in Class Life

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Goodrich I Melissa GoodrichHoward HydeEN 1101, Composition IFinal 6-10-2010    Goals have always been a big part of my life.  Many of which I have gained the wisdom to have accomplished on my own, but one of the most difficult goals for me to accomplish was to write an essay.  I never really liked writing except in my free time and I only wrote about what I felt inside.  Now when it came to school I never could get the words to flow together like everyone else could.  Within this essay I will go through what my goal is for Composition I, and how i plan to become a better writer throughout this class and on into the future.   To begin with, One of my most important goals in life is to be able to write about a specific topic and to write the paper in the proper way in which it should be written.  I love to write don't get me wrong, but with my brain it is like everything goes blank when it comes to pitting it on paper.  I have had trouble with this all through high school and now it is even more difficult for me as I am in college, and college is a lot more different.  When I heard that I had Composition I this month I dreaded it as i knew it would be a difficult class for me to pass.  Then i found out that we had an essay that we were starting that day.  I knew right away how i would put this paper together as my main goal was to learn how to properly write a paper that was based on a specific topic.  Every time I read what I have written I learn more about how important this goal, and this paper is, not only to me but to my audience as well.     Goodrich II As a result, I have come to the conclusion that this essay will be the most important task for me withen the next few weeks.  Throughout this class i will learn how to fulfill the task of becoming a better writer.  I want to learn new strategies on writing, and proper forms of writing.  I also want to write in a way that everyone will be able to understand.  I may even be able to use the strategies that I...