Organizational Concept

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How successful an organization is due to a large part by how well the employees are doing. The way employees behave and interact with each goes a long way in the companies success. Companies have a very diverse group of people that work for them so communication becomes very important. This paper will cover Organizational culture and behavior also diversity and communication.

Organizational Culture is the concept of “the shared beliefs and values that influence the behavior of organizational members” (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2008, p. ). Organizations that have a strong culture have great chemistry among employees; therefore, they have the same beliefs and values. In a constructive culture employees have the same standards, beliefs, values, and most importantly they are treated the same whether the employee is a manager or subordinate. Not all organizational cultures are strong or positive; for example, passive defensive or aggressive defensive cultures. These cultures might have the shared beliefs and values but the behavior is much different. In these cultures, the employees might have the attitude of just looking out for their own job security. Employees might do a good job on their own but no teamwork, not helping others that are struggling, or doing just what is asked by the job description and nothing more. Along with organizational culture, another important concept is organizational behavior.

Organizational behavior refers to the “study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations.”(Nwlink, 2010).The organizational behavior studies are usually done by the scientific method. One way to study the behavior of an organization is to do surveys by asking employees how they feel about the company, managers, job security, wage, etc. By doing surveys organizations can determine the mindset of the employees and what changes are needed. If the mindset of the employees is not good then there are ways to...