Assignment #2- Competitive Forces and Swot

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Whole Foods Market was established in 1980 by three local Austin, Texas natural food store owners Thompson, Strickland & Gamble. Whole foods grew from a small local store in Austin Texas to one of the largest retail chains of natural and organic foods in the U.S. They currently have over 300 stores around the world. Whole foods motto is “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet”. They want to reach out to every individual and let them know how important it is to eat healthier foods. In this paper I will talk about Whole foods trends, there competitive environment, there most significant threat, there will be a complete SWOT analysis and how they can use their strengths and opportunities.

The trends in retailing of organic foods.

There are a couple of different major store that will affect Whole Foods, such as Kroger, Publix, Safeway and now Sam’s club, Costco and also Wal-Mart all have sections where you can get organic foods. These stores have everyday items that individuals like you and I need on a regular basis. There supermarkets have now become a one stop shop, which is very convenient for everybody. This will attract them to their location knowing that they can get everything from one place. Also, some stores have introduced their own private label of organic products.   It is now not uncommon to walk into one of these supermarkets and find an aisle or section dedicated to organic products. Low prices and convenience is a great factor to get consumers into their supermarkets, most supermarkets also have pharmacies, coffee shop and also banks and photo shops on the premises this will also then to put there prescription in while they shop or develops picture and things like that.

Most of these supermarkets provide a limited selection of organic items, while Whole Foods Market entire store is dedicated to natural and organic products.   Customers would have the ability to choose a...