Leadership in Music

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Leadership is a relational process of people together attempting to accomplish change or make a difference to benefit the common good ( Komives 31). This “change” is what I value the most in analyzing leadership. The question as to who is the best leader in the field of music is very subjective and personal and thus difficult to answer. In the field of Music there are many famous people who could be looked upon as great leaders because of the impact that they have made on the lives of thousands of people through music. The band that I think could be one of the best leaders is a Pakistani rock band called Junoon.

Junoon is one of Pakistan and South Asia's most popular Rock bands, based out of Karachi, Pakistan, and formed in 1990 by guitarist/songwriter/medical doctor Salman Ahmad. Junoon is considered as one of the most successful bands in the history of the music of South Asia. It basically comes in the genre of Sufi rock. At the time, Junoon consisted of two other members: Ali Azmat on vocals and Brian O Connell on bass guitar.

Junoons music, lyrics and sound are based on the issues of today’s world. They have managed to transent politics, culture and religion all in to music. For their sweeping sound and social concience, they have been called the U2 of Pakistan. In olden days, field of music in Pakistan in particular, and South Asia in genearl was devided into three categories. Pop music, qawali (religious music), and instrumental. The only purpose of music was just entertainment and spirtuality. Lyrics of the pop music at that time were based upon the fantasies of romantic expression, sadness of sepration and so on. The main fans of such music were the general public and adults in particular. When junoon emerged in the late 80’s the music scenerio had a huge paradigm shift. As junoon’s music blended togather the religious poetry with heavy guitar notes, and wrote songs that informed people about the current issues,they started to attract the youth....