Test Plan Development for a Restaurant Manager

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Data obtained from the job analysis were used to develop the test plan. The test plan development process consisted of the following steps:

* Defining the test content domain – duties, tasks, and KSAs

* Describing the selection tests

* Develop a pool of potential employees who have the appropriate results from the selection tests

Defining the test content domain – duties, tasks, and KSAs

The test content domain was defined in terms of duties, tasks, and associated KSAs that met the specified criteria in terms of what we thought should be required. We identified the most important tasks for the position of a restaurant manager with our company. It was determined that the best method of measuring these KSAs was by using multiple skills tests. The KSAs associated with those tasks are as followed:

Major Job Tasks

1. Arrives to work on time and meets appearance standards by wearing the appropriate attire for the position.

2. Leads a team of employees in consistent performance by setting examples, using constructive criticism, and providing positive feedback when performing duties.

3. Learn and be proficient at order and production computer programs by using them on a daily basis.

4. Maintains composure in stressful and/or emotional situations by focusing on the task at hand.

5. Completes employee performance reviews and evaluates employee performance on a consistent and regular basis.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities with links pertaining to the tasks

A. Ability to read and interpret labor, cost, and profit reports. (Task 3)

B. Ability to communicate orally and written performance standards and expectations to employees. (Tasks 2,5)

C. Ability to facilitate and meet the needs of a large volume of customers. (Tasks 2,3,4)

D. Ability to perform basic finance, math, and cost calculations. (Task 3)

E. Ability to move freely and rapidly throughout restaurant for up to 10-12 hours...