How to Purchase a Laptop

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Are you planning to buy or replace your existing tired old desktop personal computer with a laptop? Here are some helpful tips that will surely help and guide you through the process in purchasing a laptop. The laptop or portable computer came a long way before it became known and widely used. According to historians, the first portable computers look nothing like the book-sized of the modern laptop today. The first portable computers that were used by NASA in the early 1980’s for Space Shuttle program as a grid compass. As the laptop improved, it was later introduced to the business sector for executives as a fully functional portable laptop. As demand grew for portables, laptops became more revolutionized, sophisticated and innovative. In today’s technology, modern laptops became more powerful, compact, and can perform the same functions as the desktop computers. Many home users and business offices are switching their desktop computers with a laptop for daily computing needs. If you have decided to go this route, purchasing a new laptop can be an overwhelming task as it becomes associated with our modern life. Choosing the right model of laptop is essential when replacing your existing desktop computer. It will take some time and research to perfectly suit your needs. Setting your price range or budget, portability and expandability and what applications you will be using or intended use, these are the basic questions that you will need to answer yourself in order to choose the right laptop for the right job.

The budget or price range always sets the mood or tempo, as it gives us a rough idea of what kind of laptop you can get. There are various price ranges from approximately $300 up to $6000 when purchasing new a laptop. The Net books (net class) normally starts at $300 up to $800. A majority of the brand name manufacturers have there own model like Hewlett Packard has its own Mini’s, while IBM has IdeaPad, Acer - Aspire One, Asus - Eee pc,...