Bhopal Gas Tragedy

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TRAGEDY AFTERMATH: a critical review

Harshvardhan Pandey

DES Law College, Fergusson College Campus, Pune (INDIA)



Bhopal gas tragedy, apart from being the world’s worst industrial disaster, was an eye-opener for us. In the era of globalization, where the industries seem to compete with the Indian population, ignoring public’s interest could cost so heavily, was not known. Or it was known, but was not taken seriously. Today several conferences and seminars are being held on the aftereffects of the accident. But, is the topic receiving the deserved consideration? The answer to the disappointment of many, is negative. Today, various movements and meetings are conducted, all around the globe, to draw people’s attention towards the injustice being done to the people of Bhopal; some of them are the victims, and many who are going to get engulfed by the aftereffects. Even after 25 years of gas leak, children are still born with deformities. Aren’t their cracked lips, blurred vision, improper growth, and many other disorders, being able to gather the government’s attention? It is estimated that 20,000 people have died since the accident, and 100,000 to 200,000 people have permanent injuries. Bhopal gas leak is also described as the world’s worst environmental disaster. From humans to plants and trees, from atmosphere to the ground water, it spared none. It also had shocking visible effects on the vegetation. Within a...