A Very Happy Organ

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A Very Happy Organ

One day, the human body organs were having a heated discussions about who amongst them is the most important human organ.

Kidney: I am the most important organ of the body. Without me, who would filter the body from all of its filthy wastes?

Liver: Are you kidding ney, I mean, me?

Kidney: No. Not really.

Liver: Stop fantasizing, Kidney. I am an organ that performs at least 500 functions compared to any of you. Without me, would anyone of you process the blood of the body? Its taste is something I won't consider as appealing.

Stomach: What planet do you live in, Liver?

Liver: I live next to you & Spleen, & above Duodenum & Pancreas. Really, I am not very hard to miss, Stomach. What, do you want the NSO to perform a census or something? Honestly, it's like I'm taking crazy medicine here.

Stomach: Whatever. You are clearly deranged. Honestly, without me, who would digest all this food Esophagus keeps on delivering? It's not really anyone's cup of tea breaking this bolus into simpler nutrients. Besides, the acid here really stings, & it's burning my complexion.

Brain: You are all complete dimwits! Honestly, why do you think He put me up here?

Kidney: I don't know. Probably so you could inflate your ego some more.

Brain: Moron! I am on top because I dominate you all! I work nonstop to make sure none of you stop working. Really, without me, do you expect anyone would bother applying for this job & keep you all lazy bums monitored?

Kidney: I would.

Brain: Nobody cares!

Heart: Watch the neurons there, Brain! You need to research more. I am the most important organ of them all. If I get shot, we're all dead. Period.

Brain: This body would also die if I get shot.

Heart: No, there's a chance this body would just go in a brain-dead coma. I am at the center of this body, which is a symbolic location!

Kidney: Technically, you're on the left side of the chest.

Heart: Nobody asked you! If I were gone, who...