George Whitefield

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George Whitefield was one of the many contributors to the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening has been defined as a fairly united religious movement in Protestantism. (ABC- CLIO) Whitefield was born on December 16, 1714 in Gloucester, England. He was one of seven children and lived with his father and mother. His father, Thomas, whom died when Whitefield was only two years old, which led all of the raising to the mother. Whitefield was never interested in school and realized his new love for the Bible. His mother sent him to study at Oxford University.

Whitefield became a student in Pembroke College at Oxford at the age of seventeen in 1732. He joined the Holy Club where he met John and Charles Wesley. Charles Wesley loaned him the book, “ The life of God in the Soul of Man” with this book he experienced Jesus for the first time. In 1735 Whitefield was forced to leave school because he was sick and stayed home for nine months. During his sick months he was interested in being a part of the Church of Gloucester. In March of 1736 he graduated Oxford with his B.A. On June 20, 1736, Bishop Benson ordained him.

Whitefield during his lifetime did an average of five hundred sermons a year. He was an amazing preacher and it was sad that “his voice started England like a trumpet

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blast.”(Ukonline) He attracted crowds of people all over England and in some of the biggest churches. Whitefield made thirteen journeys to the Americas and on January 10, 1738 he left for his first time to the Americas. He arrived in Georgia on May 7, 1738. He instantly fell in love with the area and wanted to help the orphans. When Whitefield returned back to England there was much hostility toward him. He was not allowed to preach at certain churches, but that didn’t stop the crowds. In 1739 he began preaching outdoors and had up to 10,000 people.

In 1739 he made his second trip to America and brought...