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Ever since I was a young boy I have been very outgoing. Always seeking the enjoyment conversation brings. I have always been able to talk to anyone at anytime about anything without hesitation. It’s almost as if I was never exposed to the fear of embarrassment and the nervousness that accompanies it. I seem to be able to get along with just about anyone which makes perfect sense given the circumstances surrounding my upbringing. I had a rough childhood; between my parents getting divorced and having gone through five different elementary schools I quickly learned the art of conversation and forced myself to be as outgoing as possible. This, in my opinion, is what really molded my personality and made me who I am today. I think that my extroverted nature will someday help me to get a sales job at a market leading company.

According to Gardner and Walter and The Theory of Multiple Intelligences I feel I have a great interpersonal intelligence which is one of seven common intelligences. In there definition someone with a high interpersonal is based on how well you work with others or in large groups along with leadership.(Gardner 261) The seven intelligences range from playing musical instruments to how well you can solve mathematical equations. In my opinion I possess a high level of interpersonal intelligence that I believe would allow me to excel at a job in the business field (particularly sales). All in all I came to the final analysis that my profession will be centered on my personality and ability to work with people in general, and thus I set my sights on a career in business.