Decisions in Paradise Part 1

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Decision in Paradise Part I

Critical Thinking/MGT350

      Kava is an island in the South Pacific. It has a culturally diverse population, which is 50 percent indigenous, with the remaining being Americans, Africans, French and Spanish.   Kava is home to many resources, including cocoa, bananas, spices, coffee, sugar, petroleum, and natural gas.   The economy is aided by their natural resources plus tourism and cheap labor. One problem Kava faces is the population consists of over half is under 15, which limits them.   There are frequent natural disasters including tidal waves, tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.   Additionally, Kava has several health issues, HIV/AIDS and a high risk of the avian flu.   There are man made disasters as well which include petroleum spills, fire, and terrorism, all of which threaten the island’s infrastructure.

      Indus Technology is a medium size company which excels in several areas.   Indus provides consulting services, performs communications and network information assurance testing, and trains businesses to improve performance.   Indus can provide many services to assist Kava in overcoming their problems and moving forward.   This assistance is right in line with INDUS’s mission statement, “The Company’s primary goal is to provide technical, management, financial, administrative, and other services to our government and Industry customers that exceeds their expectations and meets our high standards of excellence” (Indus 2006).

      Before Indus can determine how best they can help Kava, Indus must conduct an analysis of the organizational and environmental issues facing Kava.   Then Indus can meet and determine how these organizational and environmental issues will impact its stakeholders.

           The Kava team consists of Alex, who serves as the Director of Strategic Planning, and doubles as the receptionist, and Nik (myself) a new grad hire...