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|Name: Felix |Surname: Camilleri |Ref No.: 8607-520 |

|Date: 01.11.2015 |Course: ILM April 15 Intake |Assignment Version: 2 |

|Module Title: Developing Critical Thinking |

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Be able to critically assess own beliefs, attitudes and value systems

AC 1.1 Explain the difference between beliefs, attitudes and values

In this assignment I will discuss the importance of developing critical thinking for a leader within an organization.

I work with an organization which is family owned, where the main activity of the business is food processing and is operating in a rapidly changing environment with a mission to excel in the production and provision of foodstuffs, to build up a lasting relationship with local and worldwide customers and suppliers, while having the values of upholding the family tradition of honesty and integrity, believe in quality and healthy offerings, be a caring employer, offer value to their shareholders, embrace tradition, innovate to add convenience and achieve this for the benefit of the employees and community.

The company employs around 150 employees and the setup is made up of the Board of Directors where family and non-family members sit at board meetings. The BOD is followed by an Executive Committee which is made up of the General Manager (family member), Operation Manager, Sales Manager, Trading Manager which is also responsible for the R&D department (I hold this position and I also sit on the BOD), Financial Controller and Production Manager. The executive managers meet...