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Personal assessment paper

Professor: Dr. Scott MacMillan

Student Name: Like Lao

Student ID: 20058324

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January 30, 2011

Table of content

1.0 | Introduction |

2.0 | What is Leadership |

2.1 | Qualities of leader |

2.2 | The relationship between leader and followers |

2.3 | Why Leadership is important |

2.4 | Leadership in personal |

2.5 | What is difference between leadership and management |

2.6 | Effective Leadership in complex organizations |

3.0 | Self-assessment |

3.1 | Values |

3.2 | Personal traits |

3.3 | What are my future career objectives |

3.4 | Strength |

3.5 | Weakness |

3.6 | Skills |

4.0 | Personal leadership objective and development plan |

4.1 | Personal objective |

4.2 | Development plan |

5.0 | Conclusion |

1.0 Introduction

Leadership is the one of the most important qualities and inevitable functions that affects our daily life. Every country has its political leader, every company has its organizational leader, and every religion has its spiritual leader. With the fast development of economic growth, the right leadership is becoming progressively more important than ever.

After reviewing some basic concepts related to leadership at the beginning of this self assessment paper, I assessed my values, personal traits, strengths, weakness and skills then I set a development plan for my short-term and long-term goals. This includes how I can overcome my difficulties and challenge myself to become a good leader.

2.0 What is Leadership?

What is leadership? Leadership can be describing as a series of behavioral combinations; these behaviors are not simply obedience, but the encouragement of followers to do what they are supposed to do in a fluent and efficient manner. There are many definitions given for the term of leadership, in our text book the definition of leadership is “An influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and...