Green Initiatives

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Green Initiatives

Tetricia Currie


January 18, 2010

Joe Anthamatten

Green Initiatives

Coca Cola, a global company, has a pledge to make a positive difference in the world as have many other companies that are striving to reduce the impact business has on the environment. Going Green, which is a term that most businesses associate with protecting Earth, entails sustaining business in a manner that is more efficient and friendly to the natural environmental. Businesses, such as Coca-Cola, should contribute toward the conservation of the natural ecological balance in the environment, as well as preserving the planet, natural systems, and resources because they have a social responsibility to lessen the impact that their business has on Earth. Green initiatives are imperative in today’s society because they help to safeguard life on Earth; therefore, most business adopt several principles such conserving energy or resources, reducing pollution, consumption, or waste, and preserving the ecological balance of Earth. The green initiatives of Coca-Cola include energy efficiency and climate protection, water stewardship, and plant bottle or sustainable packaging. Because the business uses huge amounts of the resources found on Earth, they need to make changes within their business system that will create a ripple effect throughout society. In making these changes employers must set an example for employees and the surrounding communities; so, all can understand how going green is for the betterment of society as a whole.

Coca-Cola is seeking to become leaders of the beverage industry in climate protection and energy efficiency. Coca-Cola stated, “We believe that as a responsible multinational company, we have a role to play in ensuring we use the best possible mix of energy sources” (2010). Therefore, by 2015 the company hopes to decrease emissions in manufacturing operations by 5% and to improve the energy efficiency of cooling equipment by 40%....