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Stolen Video Camera

You are the team leader of a four-person video crew from Industrial Video Imaging (IVI). You are on your way to film the installation of energy panels at a power generating station in rural West Virginia. The film, which will be approximately one-hour long, will be shown to the Solar Energy Commission, a client with whom your Senior Management will be meeting in three days.

On the morning of the installation, you discover that your only camera, a Panatronic-880 digital video camera worth $8000, is missing from your company van, parked outside your motel in Flatrock, WV. Upon inspection, you notice damage to the lock and latch on the van’s back door.

While speaking with the Flatrock Police Department, you are asked to go in and fill out an incident report. Since you need to find a camera and get to the installation site, you are caught between competing time pressures; you designate a crew member to stay in Flatrock to complete the police report, but you still must decide what to do about filming the installation.

You have time to stop at a local discount store and purchase a small, multipurpose digital video camera for about $700. While this solution would allow you to get to the installation on time and film the process as planned, the small, multipurpose camera might not capture some details that are important information to the Solar Energy Commission (such as the setting of the solar collectors’ tracking arcs and the calibrating of the sensing instruments). The other option is to drive to a larger city, about 60 miles away, where you could purchase a new Panatronic-880. If you did this, however, you would arrive late, missing the first 20 minutes of the...