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The face of marketing and advertising business has dramatically change since the arrival of the internet, marketers should take advantage and make use of all the social site to promote and advertise the product or service of the organization where the organisation can use the platform to inform their right target audience at the right time. The major strength of the internet as a commercial medium lies in the fact that it allows an organization to personalise its offer to match the interests and lifestyles of consumers, as opposed to simply extensively reaching out to a general audience. Using online business has become a growing industry with fair charges of good profit and with the organization itself they establish a website that will be effective.

Two main factors that accelerated the growth of online marketing are technological and economical in nature.

Technological factors that contributed to the development of online marketing are:

* more memory speed for computers;

* better online security; and

* better internet connectivity, namely changes from dial-up to high-speed internet access;

Economic factors that contributed to the development of online marketing are:

* reliable online purchasing systems

* lower prices of computer hardware and internet services


Online marketing generally has three objectives

* Brand development

* Income generation

* Customer service support in an online environment


Online product

The product is the physical product or service offered to the customers in the case of physical product, the product or service serve the basic need of the customer the product provide the primary value to their customers. The customers get interested in the company primarily because of the product or service it is producing or proposing to produce using the internet as a platform. Selling a product online provides some added value to the customers.


Pricing decision should take into...