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DELL SWOT Analysis


•    Customer oriented marketing strategies.

•    Well-Known for online selling of Computers.

•    Listed in the fortune 500 companies as the 25th largest company.

•    Dell Company employs more than 76000 thousand people.

•    Provide quality PCs, Laptops and computer peripherals at low price.

•    Low manufacturing cost.

•    Dell offer computers with AMD and Dell processor.

•    Dell has nine of manufacturing plants.

•    Offer wide range of PC, Server, Laptops, Monitors and LCDs, Data storage devices, network switches and software.

•    Dell built computer on customer provided specifications.

•    Dell always keen to embed latest technology in its products.

•    It has a reliable support and service.

•    The company website at least receives 25 million visits.

•    Efficient Inventory management.

•    Dell became the first company in the information technology industry to establish a product-recycling goal.


•Elimination of bonuses in 2006 to increase the company financial performance.

• Closure of Dell’s biggest call center in April, 2003 terminating 1100 employees.

•  On January 8, 2009 Dell announced the closing of its manufacturing plant in Limerick, Ireland with the loss of 1,900 jobs and the shift of production to its plant in Poland.

•  Dell not able to attract the students of schools and colleges,   this segment earn only 5% of total revenues.

•   Lot of criticism against the Dell’s claim of world’s most secured notebooks.

•  Dell willingly discontinued the “world’s most secure laptops” advertisement after the declaration of the NAD investigation.

•  Dell have no proprietary technology, the currently used technology by dell are shared by the other major competitors.

•  Dell is dependent on its suppliers


•  India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are the untapped markets.

• Market penetration in education and Government markets.

•  Cost reduction in latest technology.


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