Shouldice Hospital Case Study

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Shouldice Hospital  Limited 





Shouldice Hospital Limited case study examines the unique system that is exercised in the said hospital, which specializes in hernias operations. The overall system is considered to be very effective and innovative. The report evaluates and recommends the various options that the management has been considering so as to maximize capacity and optimize the efficiency of the system.

Factors that contribute to Shouldice Hospital's success


There are several factors that contribute to this success in terms of low cost and high quality. First of all it is the unique nature of surgical technique and the innovative procedure of patient’s sedation. The fact that the patients are sedated in the operating rooms and the avoidance of general anesthetics eliminates the need of having numerous anesthetists and reduces cost. During operating hours there are only two anesthetists who are floating among the cases. Shouldice Hospital has also managed to reduce the cost of housekeeping and nursing. There is an average ratio of nurses to patients 1:15, while in other hospitals the same ratio is 1:4. This is a result of the Shouldice Hospital policy which encourages patients to take some care of themselves before and after the operation. They shave themselves in the area of the operation upon reaching their rooms and just upon completion of their operations the patients start to walk and exercise in order to have a rapid recovery and not to spend much time in bed. Because of this policy, there is no need for a nurse to devote time to one patient’s individual care, so both nurses and housekeepers spend most of their time in counseling activities. They do not use bedpans and they do not change linens until the patient’s check out and in this way they also keep the laundry cost down.


Another thing that helps reducing the operating cost is...