Interclean Career Development Plan

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InterClean Career Development Plan


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InterClean, Inc. is taking a new direction within the cleaning industry. With the recent acquisition of EnviroTech, a former competitor, the company will now provide expanded services. In addition to offering its current inventory of cleaning products, InterClean will begin to offer full-service cleaning solutions available to all organizations within the health care industry. This strategy will ensure the company remains competitive and atop the cleaning service industry for years to come.

To achieve and succeed with this new direction, InterClean will be making some crucial decisions that will affect current job assignments. A complete analysis will be conducted to develop a new workforce plan including the selection of employees and the positions they will be assigned to. The development plan will also cover topics including the possible reassignment of duties for some while others may see an expansion of roles.

Job Analysis

With a new and refocused company objective, a job analysis will be necessary. The analysis will detail current job duties, responsibilities, skills, desired results, and working environment while focusing on future needs. This analysis will also be used as a basis for salary requirements along with comparisons to industry positions within the industry. Each position will be evaluated through different means. To create accurate job descriptions, several methods will be used in gathering information.

There are various models used to collect data in building a job analysis. Information can be gathered through several sources. Obtaining data through those with vast knowledge, supervisors, and technical experts is one way to gather information.

Questionnaires are another example of gathering data in creation of a job analysis. Those who are most familiar with jobs may be best suited to...