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Module E Homework


1. Sampling risk because only a sample of the passengers is being used.

2. Nonsampling risk because the mistake wasn’t due to a sampling error considering a sample wasn’t taken.

3. Sampling error because the sample of students selected happened to be honors students.

4. Sampling error because the sixth-graders who were tested came from homes where the parents were affiliated with the local university.

5. Nonsampling error because the error was made in converting various currencies into US dollars.

E. 55

a. To estimate the number of patrons visiting the theater, a physical count of one theater could be done then multiplied by the number of theaters.

b. Some precautions that should be considered are: Newer movies tend to have larger crowds and weekend movies are more populated.

c. Two types of sampling risk include not taking the release date into consideration when choosing a theater to include on the sample or not considering the day of the week. Of the two, I think not paying attention to the release date of the movie could have a greater effect than the day because newer movies will have a greater attendance rate.

d. 1. The 30 patron precision is within the 95 percent confidence of the 600 patron estimate. Therefore, the sample was satisfactory.

2. The 150 patron precision is within the 95% confidence of the 680 patron estimate, therefore this is also a good sample.

3. The 35 patron sample is also within the 95% confidence making this an adequate sample as well.

E. 61

a. Without considering the information in 1-7, I would tell Alice she has a good chance of winning, but to ensure her chances to a 95% confidence, 55.1 % of the voters have to be voting for her.

B1. If Alice chose to have 99% reliability with 8% precision, the 53% sample estimate would not provide confident result. I would advise Alice to campaign more heavily to sway the remaining uncommitted voters.

B2. If Alice chose to have 90% reliability...