Dell Computer Marketing Strategy

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Although the idea of electronic commerce (E-Commerce) has been around for several years, it is slowly moving up the ranks in terms of how both consumers and businesses conduct business.   Electronic commerce is the paperless exchange of business information using electronic data interchange, e-mail, electronic bulletin boards, fax transmissions, and electronic funds transfer.   It refers to Internet shopping, online stock and bond transactions, the downloading and selling of "soft merchandise" (software, documents, graphics, music, etc.), and business-to-business transactions (“E-commerce definition“, n.d.).

This paper presents a broad overview of e-commerce but will focus on Dell Computer’s "direct model" of business.   The topic of discussion will then turn to Dell's direct selling medium as the new and improved economic trend in our changing world of e-commerce as we know it.  

E-Commerce and Dell Computer


E marketing strategy

The objective of an e-Marketing Strategy is to create a sustainable competitive advantage and improve performance by capitalizing on technology and enterprise resources. The E-Marketing Strategy is essential to good business and a companies overall E-Business model. According to Wilder (1999), "Many companies are struggling with the most basic problem: What's the best E-business model? They're experimenting with different formulas. Some are incorporating E-business throughout the organization. Some are creating E-business subsidiaries, and then spinning them off as separate online entities. Others are investing in or merging with Internet startups. Some are even moving their businesses entirely to the Web."

Many business writers have written compelling arguments as to why organizations need to pursue an e-business strategy. For example:

• Walid Mougayar (1998) describes eight "business catalysts" that are speeding up organizations' reactions to the impact of the...