What Is the Impact of Demographic Trends and Latin American Migration? Specifically in the U.S. International Political Role?

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The United States of America has been a nation created and built by immigrants. Tens of millions of immigrants over four centuries have made the United States what it is today. History shows that since colonial times different settlers came from a variety of places. Most of them Europeans, who came from the British Islands of Scottish, and Welsh. Germans, French, Jews and Netherlands immigrants were the first settlers of the American society and the ones who built the nation as a whole. Original Native Americans were evicted and killed. Through the years mass migration of southern and eastern Europe opted for the American experience. In this panorama The Latin American immigrants would be the last culture to entered into action. Nowadays one the major policy discussion in the United States is focused on immigration control. There are strong pressures regarding that clandestine immigration should be stopped and legal immigration should be tightly controlled. Taking into account that the United States has the highest level in clandestine immigration than in most other industrial countries. We could infer that a control over immigration has to be necessary in order to control population, disease, urbanization and migration. The history shows that public policies of immigration control are unlikely to be successful. But most important here is the awareness of illegal immigrants cannot be ever treated like criminals and the United States has to measure in its immigration policy.

Over the past 50 years Latin America has made a transition from a region of immigration to one of emigration particularly to the United States. The called new world was not an immigration region anymore and the Latin American transition began in the 1930 and it encouraged during the called “lost decade” in which this period of time millions of people emigrated to the states....