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ACME Manufacture WAN Design

Lucas Costigan

Axia College


In this paper I will explain how and why ACME Manufacturing will benefit from a WAN with VOIP. ACME Manufacturing is a quickly growing company that currently has headquarters in Atlanta. The Headquarters in Atlanta houses corporate operations, administrative staff, marketing, and accounting. On the other side, across the street from the headquarters are the engineering and sales offices; distribution offices also exist in Chicago, New York, and Phoenix. In this paper I will also mention and explain subnets, routing, packaging, VLAN’s, and the required security to ensure a successful WAN network for ACME Manufacturing.

ACME Manufacturing is a growing company that is expanding and it currently just acquired a manufacturing facility in China. ACME Manufacturing is in need of a WAN so they can communicate securely with each other. I also believe that ACME Manufacturing will benefit greatly by developing a telecommunication system like VoIP. This will ensure that the desire connectivity is in place for ACME.

ACME’s network topology should be a star topology. Each site will have a direct connection to the headquarters and the centralized network administration. The sales and engineering offices will link up to the headquarters over the public WAN through a VPN configured with L2TP and IPSec for security purposes. The manufacturing company in China can connect to the headquarters via satellite. ACME Manufacturing will probably need to lease three T1 lines that will connect the headquarters to the three other distribution centers. This will help to ensure that ACME will stay currently up to date and there is plenty of room for growth.

The Satellite communication along with the leased lines will ensure long distance network communication and connectivity. Meanwhile, the LANs at each location wired with the Cat-5 UTP that will support 100BaseTx fast...