Nursing Recruitment

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Running head: PLAN CHM

Recruitment and Retention at CHM

Katie Smith

Benedictine University

February 13, 2011


The recruitment of Registered Nurses by a facility and then the retention of those RNs are major challenges in today's nursing environment. There are many factors that enter into why a nurse chooses to accept a particular job and whether to stay at the facility once being employed there. Certain hospitals possess organizational characteristics positively influencing recruitment and retention of nursing staff. Research shows these are usually organizations that allow nurses to effectively use their expertise, knowledge, and skills to provide quality patient care (Sullivan-Havens & Aiken, 1999). One model that has shown to improve job satisfaction outcomes on numerous occasions is the "magnet hospital" model (Sullivan-Havens & Aiken, 1999). In terms of specific measures, magnet hospitals have performed better than the average United States hospital, with lower reported turnover and vacancy rates, and higher job satisfaction levels (Gleason-Scott, Sochalski, & Aiken, 1999). CHM is currently working on the magnet journey, this paper will incorporate magnet ideas and introduce new ideas for nurse retention. After presenting an overview of what the hospital already possesses, the following paper will focus on a new recruitment and retention plan for registered nurses in a hospital setting that will be referred to as CHM.

Overview of Personal Attractiveness to CHM

Overall atmosphere and culture of a certain environment can play a huge impact on employee attitudes and satisfaction. Walking through the front doors of CHM, it is easy to feel a warm and caring environment. Staff is smiling a majority of the time. The health system that CHM is a part of is a mid sized organization in an outer suburb of Chicago. This allows staff to receive adequate attention and to not feel lost, especially when new to the facilities....