Genetically Modified Foods

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We have more genetically modified foods being introduced into our food supply without our consent through the successful lobbying efforts of big-agribusiness.  The latest major genetically modified food crop to be foisted upon us is sugar beets, which comprise 40% of our sugar supply and are used extensively by major brand such as McDonalds, Pepsi, and Coke.  The genetically modified beets are Round-Up ready - which means they will not be as easily killed by  Round-Up (glyphosphate) which is used extensively in agriculture as a chemical weeder.  Glyphosphate has been implicated as part of the reason for the die-off of amphibians around the world  in combination with other man-made chemicals that have made their way into the ground water. 

Another major genetically modified crop, Bt corn, was introduced several years ago and resulted in so many health problems that it was banned from being used in human food.  Many people who raise livestock saw major health problems in their animals when they were fed Bt corn as well.  No one wanted the Bt corn in the food supply so the agri-business then wrangled a government  kick back for every gallon of ethanol produced from Bt corn.  Even the ethanol fumes from Bt corn are proving to be an airborne hazard.  The monarch butterflies that travel through the fields of Bt corn are being decimated by toxic pollen and I speculate on whether this corn is having an impact on the honey bee die-off of this year as well  Honey bees are essential for pollinating all our major fruit and vegetable crops and their disappearance would be a threat to our food supply.  As of this year, so much Bt corn is being raised that the price of wheat increased 600% this year because not as much wheat is being grown - and there is talk of using the beets to produce ethanol as well.  Unfortunately beets are also a raw material used in many supplements to treat autism, such as betaine, TMG, and DMG - so I once again strongly urge you to advocate loudly to...