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Question 4: How strong the company’s competitive position?

Competitive position and competitive strength are the two issues that help us to know about the particulars firms position compare to the other firms who are conducting the similar business under the same industry.

Tea industry is one of the most important industries in our country. Currently there are around 150 companies available in Bangladesh. In last 10 years demand of tea had been increased quite sharply in local market taking the tea consumption to 48 million kg per year. Scope of competitive rivalry is strong as competition between the tea companies. As most of the companies are private, so productivity of these is very high and also they maintain a good quality.

Kazi & Kazi Tea, the first organic tea garden in Bangladesh. As the only organic tea producer in Bangladesh, the company now manufactures bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides on-site, a practice that various tea associations, including the Bangladesh Tea Board, recognize as the healthiest and safest option. The consumers choose Kazi & Kazi tea for its organic advantage. It gets a good ranking relative to its rival in key success factor.

Kazi & Kazi Tea, premium hand-picked organic teas from Bangladesh, announces USDA NOP 100% Organic Certification. The company is exporting organic tea in US, UK, Australia and European countries. It acts as a competitive advantage for this company.

Having the resources and ambition, the company now needed to determine their framework, and their functions to improve the market position.

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