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Chapter 6 homework questions

1. It was an exemption.

2. They can appeal to the actions and finality of administrative determination, as far as procedural issues, in the case that the agency did not follow the procedures and disclosure the information in regards of how the limit of wastewater was determined, not covering the company needs.

3. The FOIA protects as well some information from companies that request specific information in regards a regulation or company. the exemptions are commercial and financial information but as well is mentioned that information that could put in danger the parties involved privacy is subject to not disclosure.

4. Yes. The Federal Register must informed all companies that are directly affected by specific regulations.

5. No. The courts accept the rules from agencies and do not substitute their own judgment so a jury trial does not apply to this case.

6. Yes it was valid children health is a very important problem

7. Is a public notice of the contents of the regulations. Is a publication of all new regulations in order to informed specifically to does directly affected by them. The Federal Register is a five day publication of regulations and the Code of federal regulations is a law code is a general law code.

8. To promulgate the rule should be posted in the federal register. I think the consumer group head's is very aware of the possible risk of not managing this products correctly. Y es the statement alone justify the rulemaking because they agree to the importance of avoiding any insecure products that could represent danger to children.

9. Yes they will accept the rule. The EPA is making the public knowledgeable about the importance of this endangered species providing more information in regards them to support the rulemaking or not.

10. Yes. The parties can appeal if they think that the rule is wrong.

11. Yes it is valid the open meeting Act is to inform the public about the topics studied in these meeting...